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All about washoku and other traditional Japanese cuisine, such as kaiseki-ryori, kyodo-ryori (traditional local specialties), shojin-ryori (vegan meals served at Buddhist temples) sansai (wild mountain vegetables), obanzai (traditional Kyoto everyday cuisine), tsukemono (pickled vegetables), and much more.

Five Flavors of Sendai

While Sendai isn’t known for very much beyond its Tanabata festival and grave site of Date Masamune, the city is making competition to be the food capital of the country. Other cities might be a kitchen, but Sendai chooses to be a science lab. Those with an adventurous stomach will enjoy every mouthful.

10 Japanese Foods You Have Never Had

In fact there are a wide variety of Japanese foods and most of them are unfamiliar to the Western traveller. This is inconvenient to the short term traveller because you can only eat so many meals in a day and few resources tell you what to look for when you really want to search for the truly unusual stuff. So here is a short list of some things you, or your friends, have probably never eaten.

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