Writer: J. Eric Sandoval

Having come to live in Japan after 25 years living on the edge, I’ve lived a life best left to fiction. I’m a writer by nature and spend my time blogging, writing screenplays and developing television.  I’ve come super close, but still haven’t had my big break just yet.  Until then, I’ll keep writing, blogging, producing stop-motion animation content, and when I can I sneak in some Barry Harris minor sixth chord scales on the piano.  I grew up playing violin and piano, and have been known to play guitar, a little bass, some mandolin, and a bit of percussion.  

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3 Fun 'K' Foods of Japan

So you're traveling in Japan, and seeking to satisfy your cravings with some fun food that will truly hit the spot. Let me turn you on to the 3 K fun foods of Japan, Kakigori, Karaage, and Karepan. This Triple Threat will surely tantalize your tastebuds and win your heart.

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