Meat Alternatives in Tokyo

Meat Alternatives in Tokyo

More and more plant-based restaurants are opening in Tokyo. For those who like to cook at home, finding meat alternatives can be a challenge. Below are some suggestions for finding meat alternatives in Tokyo.

Natural House

Official Site (Japanese only)

Tokyo has a few Natural House grocery store locations. They specialize in organic and natural products. Their prices are more on the high end, but they do have a variety of vegan meats. The store also tries to label which items are vegan. There are some vegan Japanese meals in their prepared foods section that can be purchased as well. They had a tempura mock meat while I was there. See below for a few vegan items I found here.


Shigezo is a popular chain tofu shop that has a variety of tofu and soy based meats. You can purchase the larger chunks, good for making fried karage, or minced, good for making tacos. To find a location close to you, go to their Japanese website here.

Nakano Broadway

My favorite find was right in my own backyard! In the basement level of Nakano Broadway are many grocery stores. You can find fresh fruit and vegetables and so much more. There is one shop that I found that specializes in soy. They have a variety of seasoned tofu available. I found dried soy meat in the back left corner of the store! It was a great find and reasonably priced. To cook, you boil it with spices and then add it to your favorite dish. I like making General Tso’s chicken with it or I add it into a Japanese curry.

Vegan Restaurants

Vegan restaurants like Loving Hut and T’s Tan Tan offer vegan meats and other items for sale in their restaurants.


Another option is to purchase items online. Chien-Fu is a vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo that also has an online store. You can check out their Japanese website here.

Another highly recommended option is Amazon. Just search “soy meat” and plenty of options are available. Recently I was able to find minced soy meat here.

Meat alternatives are becoming more and more available across Japan, even in some local grocery stores. We hope the trend only continues!

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