15 Things to Do in Nara

If you travel to countries hoping to experience another culture, Japan is still rich with it and Nara is the perfect place surrounded by culture and history. It is many things at once: traditional, natural, delightful, heartfelt, and all around wonderful. Come to Nara and be amazed. I honestly could name 100 things in Nara that would make for an amazing trip, but I have narrowed it down to the top 15 spots that you will not find even in most guidebooks.

The Hidden Temple Gardens of Nara

Many of these temples have magnificent gardens in their precincts that are sanctuaries of peace and tranquillity from all the crowds and noise of the big cities in Japan. In this article, I will highlight some of the less well-known temple gardens in Nara that offer you a chance to experience this peace and tranquillity for yourself.

A Refreshing Break at Kasuga Ninai Jaya

After the crowd in Central Kyoto, the wide and sprawling space and parks in Nara is such a welcome break. You can almost feel you are one with nature, especially since deer are roaming freely around. One such place is the Kasugayama Primeval Forest and the Garden of Kasuga Taisha Shrine. A World Heritage Site and considered a sacred forest. But then as you walk further down the road, this warm and cozy-looking café is right there by the roadside. Welcome to the Kasuga Ninai Jaya!

A Turn Torwards Nara’s Higashimuki Street

The Higashimuki Shopping District in Nara City is filled with great shops to look around both traditional and modern. It stretches from Kintetsu Nara Station, past Nara Park toward Sanjodori Street, which leads to JR Nara Station. The street is roofed to protect from the elements and the ceiling is decorated with beautiful artwork posters of deer, forest, and other things associated with Nara Prefecture.

Mochi Making in Nara

Mochitsuki is something that requires both staff members to be perfectly in sync in terms of speed and order of actions as one wields a massive hammer while the other continuously needs to add glutinous rice into a wooden mortar.

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