Non-Seafood Selections at Kura Sushi

The Best Non-Seafood Selections at Kura Sushi Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

There are people with different preferences in food–such as me–who doesn’t eat seafood. Very often when I tell this to new people they are asking, "How can you survive in Japan without eating seafood?". And yes, this is pretty easy! Japan has a lot of delicious non-fishy food and in this article I want to show you that you even can enjoy a visit to a Kaiten Sushi restaurant as a non-seafood eater. One of my favorite chains for conveyor belt sushi is Kura Sushi (くら寿司) and we will take a look to their menu here.

Kura Sushi - Menu

Non-seafood Sushi Choices

For sure the main food at Kura Sushi is sushi, but next to the rice balls covered with fish and other seafoods, they offer a range of non-seafood versions. Two of the typical version, which you can find at any sushi restaurant and supermarket, are tamago nigiri, with a layer of egg, and inari sushi, a sweet version of rice packed in a deep-fried tofu pouch. 

Top. From left to right: Hamburger, bacon with cheese on top, fried egg.
Bottom. From left to right: Fried tofu, beef dipped in special sauce, prosciutto.

However, especially if you like meat, you will find some nice alternatives at Kura Sushi. They offer rice balls covered with tiny hamburgers & mayo such as with beef or pork karubi (short ribs) dipped in a special sauce. Sometimes they even have these with extra cheese on top as another choice.

Tiny hamburgers and mayo.

One of my favorites is the Italian nama ham nigiri, which comes with prosciutto. It is very simple, but also delicious. You can use some of the small sauce packages (either on your table or going around on the belt) to add some more flavor to it. I recommend the ponzu one.

If you are ok with seaweed you also can enjoy some of the gunkan sushi, which look like little boats. The non-fishy versions here come with corn & mayo, natto and flavored egg. And yes, there are also kappa maki, sushi rolls with cucumber inside.

Side Dishes at Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi is not only offering sushi, but also a lot of other side dishes which you wouldn’t expect from a Japanese restaurant. Still kind of normal are French Fries, in the usual style or with a cheese sauce. Furthermore you can order fried onion rings, fried corn, and fried chicken. 

Next to this they have some dishes in bowls, too. Why don’t you have some ramen or udon together with your sushi? These soups come with different toppings and ingredients such as fried tofu or beef. 

Be aware that these dishes are usually not going around on the convey belt. You have to order them separately via the touch screen at your seat. 

Dessert Selection

When you go out for eating sushi, you are probably not thinking about having sweets at that place. At Kura Sushi, there are several choices for sweet treats after (or in-between) your sushi experience such as chocolate cake, cheesecake and mille crepe cake. However, you also can get more Japanese style sweets like warabi mochi, sweet potatoes and shaved ice with fruit syrup. The menu is offering season specials, too. Go with fruity parfaits, cute ice cream and more to fill up your stomach until the end. 

This was an overview about non-seafood dishes at Kura Sushi. For sure, the seafood plates are delicious, too, and you can go there for whatever you feel like eating. The prices are quite reasonable with mostly around 110 yen for each plate.

Kura Sushi is also often offering seasonal specials. So check out the website for the latest information.

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