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Kesennuma Ramen Shops – 5 of the Best

Perhaps most known as of late for its destruction and city’s resilience following the 2011 disaster, the small city of Kesennuma is actually home to many mom-and-pop style noodle houses that have been around for decades! With so many to choose from, ordering chashuu (pork belly) ramen has been my go-to dish but I’m always excited to try something new or a shopkeeper’s personal favorite.

Sanpotei Ramen – Niigata’s Authentic Flavor

In general too, Japanese drink a lot of soup but specially in winter they emphasize having ramen more often to beat the winter chills. Ramen comes with several choices: miso, salt, soy sauce, and pork bone. Well, my favorite one is miso and the place I recommend the most is from Sanpoutei.

Know Your Noodles: Yokohama Iekei Ramen

I have introduced Taiwan ramen and tsukemen, which were invented in the 60s and 70s, as well as the more recent boom of the Toripaitan (chicken soup). Today, let’s take a look at another ramen that has been enjoying its raise in popularity recently: the Yokohama Iekei ramen

Hakata Ramen: Local Roots, Global Appeal

Actually quite minimal in character, using very basic ingredients and toppings to avoid interference with the main ingredients' flavors. Most locals will refuse to eat at a shop that uses factory-produced noodles, as handmade is considered the standard (and you can truly taste the difference).

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