5 Reasons to Go Camping in Japan

Top 5 Reasons to Go Camping in Japan

With summer in full swing, many people in Japan are strapping themselves up and flocking to the woods and mountains to go camping. It’s little wonder: the bubbling of a nearby stream, cooking over a hot campfire, sleeping under the stars – there’s no better way to relax from a hectic, stressful workweek than going out in the wilderness and enjoying the bounties of nature.

To aid in that ever-essential de-stressing, there are a ton of campsites in Japan that maximize both comfort and convenience for those looking to enjoy nature without roughing themselves up too much. With that in mind, here are the top 5 reasons to go camping in Japan.

Beautiful Scenery

Japan is full of majestic mountain ranges lined with crystal clear rivers and streams. It’s not difficult to find designated camping areas smack dab in the middle of some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ll come across. There are even camping options near the famous Mt. Fuji, where you can get a perfect view of the picturesque volcano.

Campground Amenities

One of the best parts about camping in Japan is that many of its campsites offer an array of amenities and conveniences to help your camping vacation go smoothly. This includes not only the basics like bathrooms and outdoor eating areas, but may even include wading pools, fishing, onsen (public baths and hot springs), and activities arranged by the campground organizers. The latter is especially great for families to help keep younger kids occupied and make the trip as fun and memorable as possible.

Wide Range of Accommodations

Don’t feel like pitching up a tent? No problem – many campgrounds offer several different options for potential campgoers. This can range from spaces for you to park your car to pitch up your tent alongside, to quaint, single room bungalows, to large cottages ideal for big groups or anyone hoping for that extra bit of comfort.


While there are some campgrounds that can only be reached by car (particularly those located in more remote, mountainous areas), there are plenty within easy walking distance of train stations, and quite a few that have a bus stop at or near the campsite itself. For some examples, you can check out this list compiled by the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Good, Safe Fun

A lot of people nowadays are worried about COVID-19 – understandably so – but there has been research suggesting that the virus spreads more easily indoors. As such, going out camping – or, to put it another way, hanging around outdoors away from the majority of society – may be one of the best ways to avoid spreading the virus while enjoying the kind of good, wholesome fun that reminds us why it’s good to be alive.

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