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A Summary of The Game Go

A Summary of the Game Go

It is a traditional strategy game that has since been rooted into the culture of not just China and Japan, but also Korea to Tibet over centuries. In recent years, Go has started to make its way across the entire world including Europe and even America as far as competitive sport goes.

5 Great Foods of Miyagi

When it is time to move on from the food tour of Sendai’s science lab you’ll find that the entire Miyagi prefecture is plentiful of fine cuisine. With autumn present and winter arriving fast, there is no better place to be than the areas that are known for the perfect rice bowl, seafood, and all around comfort food when the evening chill gets you shivering.

Five Flavors of Sendai

While Sendai isn’t known for very much beyond its Tanabata festival and grave site of Date Masamune, the city is making competition to be the food capital of the country. Other cities might be a kitchen, but Sendai chooses to be a science lab. Those with an adventurous stomach will enjoy every mouthful.

Ishinomori Museum: The Manga Icon of Ishinomaki

At the Ishinomori Manga Museum, visitors can see a special exhibit featuring one hundred of Sanrio’s iconic characters. There is everything from cute displays of illustrations, company history, vintage character goods and merchandise, and advertisements for Sanrio’s most recent mobile dating sim, manga, and anime titled Sanrio Danshi: Never Without My Favorite Friend.

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