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15 Things to Do in Shimane

Shimane Prefecture sits on the southwestern portion of Japan's main island, and is the perfect spot to visit if you're looking for an off the beaten path travel experience. Often overlooked by visitors in favor of better known destinations, the region has culture, nature and history by the bucketload – just without the massive crowds to battle!

Sarushima : The Monkey Island Without Monkeys

Just a ten-minute ferry ride from Yokosuka is Sarushima Island – billed as the only natural island in Tokyo Bay. The ferry leaves once an hour from Mikasa Pier near the US Yokosuka Navel Base, approximately a kilometre from the JR Yokosuka station.

Pacific Coast Fishing Adventure

Japan has a deeply established maritime tradition. From the myths of its foundation (islands rising out of the sea as a product of the union of the primordial gods and goddesses) to the still world-leading harvesting and consumption of marine products, when you are in Japan, rivers, lakes, and of course, the ocean are ever-present themes in daily life.

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