Spooky and Yummy – Japanese Halloween Eats in 2020

Every year September and October are a special time for foodies in Japan. You can find all sorts of Halloween themed foods including cakes and desserts, decorated so cute it is a pity to eat them. For those hoping to come to Japan in the near future, I want to introduce some of the coolest Halloween foods from 2020.

Enjoying Halloween Japanese-style with Wagashi

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets typically made from plant-based ingredients often arranged to reflect flowers or fruits of the seasons. Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Japan but nowadays has found its way into many aspects of Japanese culture, one of them being Wagashi.

In the stores of the Japanese confectionary maker Chateraise this year you can find these three kinds of Halloween Wagashi: a Frankenstein head, a black cat, and a Jack-o-lantern.

They are each filled with different versions of Anko. The Frankenstein is filled with regular Anko, the Jack-o-Lantern with pumpkin Anko and the Cat with white Anko.

The Wagashi are not big so you can easily eat 2 or 3 for dessert or as a snack. With a price of 150 Yen each, they are also quite affordable.

You can also find Halloween themed Wagashi at convenience stores. Mostly these are slightly adjusted versions of Wagashi the store had been selling previously. This year Family Mart is selling a Halloween version of the Sumikogurashi sweets they had been selling earlier this year.

Western-style Halloween Desserts at Restaurants and Cafés

If you prefer parfaits or other kinds of Western-style desserts, you can find Halloween desserts and meals at a lot of cafés and restaurants. My favorite café in Tokyo the All C's Café in Koenji is offering different Halloween dishes every year. This year it is a Halloween parfait and a Halloween hamburger set. Both are only available in September and October.

The parfait is topped with cookies, caramelized pumpkin slices as well as pumpkin and caramel ice cream. Below that there are several different kinds of corn flakes and pieces of sponge cake. The parfait is not small so I would recommend to either skip the main dish or only eat a light meal. Alternatively sharing with a friend is also a nice option.

Most regular theme cafés in Japan also offer a special Halloween themed menu. At the Pokémon Café for example in 2020 you can enjoy this Mimikyu themed set menu which is inspired by the game Pokémon Café Mix.

Halloween Cakes to Take Home

There also are several Halloween cakes and pastries you can buy at pastry shops and enjoy at home. A lot of them come with pumpkin or sweet potato flavors. You should be able to find some in the food section of most shopping malls.

The above mentioned Japanese confectionary maker Chateraise is offering three Halloween mini cakes this year. So far, I tried this one which is made with sweet potato and pumpkin cream.

Another popular Halloween variant is a pumpkin version of the Mont Blanc cake that is quite popular in Japan. It can be found in many pastry shops in the season and often is decorated to look like a jack-o-lantern.

I hope you have found some foodie inspiration for your next visit to Japan during the Halloween season.

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