Writer: Lorne Fetzek

Name: Lorne Fetzek
Nationality: United States of America
Resident in Japan since: July 1993.
Enjoying: Travel (Foreign and Domestic), Japanese Language, Watching Sports.
My first interaction directly with Japan was as an exchange student in Kyoto in the 1988-89 and my life has been interwoven with Japan ever since. I’ve spent time as an intern for the subsidiary of a major Japanese airline in the early 1990’s and then relocated to Japan where I’ve been based ever since working primarily in technology industry companies.

When not working, my personal passions are reading, writing, food, and travel (none of which I can ever get enough of). I keep my links to the US through following my favorite sports, Football (Dallas Cowboys) and Baseball (Baltimore Orioles).

More recently I’ve become more interested in Japanese dialects and hope to improve my understanding of Japan and regions outside Tokyo not only through travel, but also language.

I’m excited to share my perspectives on Japan with readers and look forward as well to learning from the experiences of others.

Thanks for reading!

Return To Kochi

Recently presented with the opportunity to extend my stay in western Japan after a short business trip to Osaka, I chose to venture to Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s 4 main islands and, until fairly recently, certainly the most remote. At the suggestion of a close friend, I was persuaded to visit Kochi, which is the principal city in the prefecture of the same name.

An Evening at Tokyo's Suntory Hall

From its innovative design to its unwavering focus on delivering to its patrons the ultimate in classical performance, Suntory Hall surely should be considered alongside other great, although perhaps better known venues such as Carnegie Hall. For classical performers, whether Japanese or touring from outside Japan, Suntory Hall is “THE” place to be seen performing at in Japan. It is a well know cliché amongst classical artists to speak of one’s “Suntory Hall Debut” carrying with it the same cache as a concert debut in other major world classical music capitols.

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