Writer: Melicia Hewitt

I am Canadian born, Jamaican raised, with current Japanese residence. I am proud to be blended. I write to provide a snapshot of my experiences. To share intimate moments and knowledge gained with my readers. To allow readers to feel, taste, touch, smell and hear what I do, when I do, before they do. My aim as a travel writer, is to mentally stimulate, so that there is a deeper appreciation during physical stimulation. My hobbies are dancing, creative writing, reading and modelling. However, my favourite hobby of all is living. My words seek to reflect who I am. I am..... Melicia Hewitt.

Kaiyukan Osaka Aquarium

Kaiyukan Osaka Aquarium (大阪海遊館) is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. It has 15 different tanks totaling over 10,000 tons of water. The biggest tank is 30 feet deep and 34 meters long. It has over 5,400 tons of water and whale sharks. Whale sharks?! Yes whale sharks.

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