Let's learn about the history of Otaru and Hokkaido's railway at "Otaru Museum"!

Otaru Museum comprises the Railway Museum (the main building) and the Canal Building. The main building called the Railway Building is located in the area called Temiya, from where the Hokkaido's railway history has started. The breathtaking part is the railway-related exhibition: A walk through the entrance hall will take you to meet with Shizuka (JGR No.7106, build 1884), one of the oldest tank engine that played a significant role in the early stage of the Hokkaido's railway history. You can actually step inside and see the interior, too. The outdoor exhibition has a fine collection of the railway cars including the snowploughs. During the winter season, the outdoor exhibition […]

Let’s take a walk slowly alongside "Otaru canal" in addition to taking pictures.

The Otaru Canal is build from 1914 to 1923. Now it has a canal walk still retaining some remnants of old views. The canal is known for one one the standard sightseeing spots in Otaru. Around Asakusa-bashi Bridge, where a tourist information center is located, is a popular photo spot. You will enjoy the well-known Otaru Canal scenery often appears on tour guides. After walking on the canal walk, you can visit Otaru Museum and Otaru Canal Plaza on the side opposite to the canal but the same to Otaru station. Otaru Canal Plaza is good for a short rest with its tourist information and coffee shop. On the other […]

"Otaru Music Box Museum"

Otaru Music Box Museum consists of the main building and the building No.2. The building No.2 is located on the other side of the main building across the Märchen intersection. The main building is one of Japan's largest music box shops that was built in 1912. The exterior is built of brick, whereas the interior is wooden. It is said the number of music box on display is over 1500. Beside the inlet, there is a steam clock, which has been the store's symbol. In "Yume Kobo (dream studio)", which locates nearby the main building, there is a booth that you can experience in making a music box. You can […]

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