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Janglish Jerry is a YouTuber and blogger, living out of Yokosuka, Japan. Jerry, originally from New York, and his wife Romi, from Tokamachi Niigata Japan, travel Japan searching for strange, interesting, and entertaining things to do, see, and eat. Afterwards, they make silly videos with funny sounds, and sometimes write exaggerated words about what they were thinking about when they had said experience. If you have any suggestions of unique things in Japan, please message him through Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.





Sightseeing in Yokosuka, a City of Mixed Cultures

The city of Yokosuka Japan is most known for its Japanese and American Navy bases. The culture has been crossed and mixed and reflects in its food, atmosphere, and shopping. The US navy base opens to the public every year for Yokosuka Friendship Day in order to demonstrate the strong relationship between Japan and the US. If you plan on coming to Yokosuka for this event, consider staying for the weekend and visit the surrounding areas as well.

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