Writer: Gita Pramesari

A traveller that loves to explore places, people, and cultures. Loves to snap an amateur photos and share talks.

Occupation : Research student at Tokyo Gakugei University.

Amazing World of Towels Museum in Imabari

Imabari is proud of one product: the towel. At the Imabari Towel Museum, you can see how a towel is made, have your own bespoke towel made with your name embroidered on it, and see thousands of different kinds of towels on display. This device for washing and drying your body is taken very seriously here and will have you leaving with the impression that the towel is the tool of 1000 uses.

Cycling in Kamakura

What do you plan to do if you are looking forward to a compact tour plus an exercise for your body? Well, our answer is cycling! Get-off at Kamakura, or my recommendation is, at Kita-Kamakura station where you can find a cheap Rent-a-bike store and get going on your cycling trip.

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