Lake Biwa cruise at night

Biwako Lake Cruise

Lake Biwa is Japan’s largest lake, located in Shiga prefecture northeast of Kyoto, and taking a cruise on the lake is a great way to experience its beauty.

Miho Museum

Two of my friends planned to go to a museum called “Miho Museum” in Shiga. When I asked what is so special about the museum, one of my friends who is an architect said the architect who designed the museum was a famous one.

Gorgeous Lakes in Japan

Do you ever go to any lakes in your own country? Many people prefer to go to the beach or to go hiking rather than to go to a lake. Summer should be beach, isn’t it? I also had the same thinking before, until I discovered these gorgeous lakes that Japan has. So, let’s learn more about the lakes in Japan that will make you want to see them for real!

Be a Ninja for a Day

Growing up, the word ninja always stimulated visions of humans with supernatural qualities. Humans that could scale walls, disappear into walls, and appear from ceilings. Humans that didn't seem human at all. I wanted to learn everything about them, because even if it was just for a second, I wanted to be superhuman too...

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