Small Worlds Tokyo

Small Worlds Tokyo – Exploring New Worlds in Miniature Form

Tokyo has always something new to offer such as new cafes, restaurants, events and exhibitions. One of the latest exhibitions is Small Worlds Tokyo which opened its doors to the public on June 11, 2020. This is especially a place for lovers of miniature figurines, however, also fans of Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion now have a new destination to visit! Let us take a look inside.

The Areas of Small Worlds Tokyo

Inside the exhibition Small Worlds Tokyo you can find different areas. Each has a different topic and is filled with many details. So take your time to explore all of the miniature worlds with your own eyes and cameras. Taking photos and videos inside the exhibition is no problem, but don’t use any tripods nor selfie sticks and don’t border other people.

Space Center

The first area to enter is the space center which is already quite impressive. Bringing you back to the 1970s you can see the launch of Saturn V, but also get a glance at the future dream of space traveling.

Global Village

Global Village sends you out to a trip back to the early 1900s showing you different worlds from Asia and Europe. These are created in harmony of reality and fantasy and have many small hidden spots. Especially the change between day and night time brings up several different lightings.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Every fan heart will beat faster when coming to the Sailor Moon area which is a rebuilt of Azabujuban district in Tokyo. Try to find the figures of the main characters in between the houses and enjoy the lights of Crystal Tokyo in the background at night time.

Kansai Airport

Ready for take-off! At the Kansai Airport miniature airplanes are starting and landing with the sound of the actual airport in the background. The airport building is a detailed replica and if you once have been at the real KIX airport you will definitely recognize it right away.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The area of the popular series Neon Genesis Evangelions is consisting of two parts. One is the cage where the Evangelion robots get ready to fly out. The other one is called Tokyo-III, again with many details for the houses, figures and even moving buildings. Here, too, you can search the main characters from the anime.

The Small Extras

The exhibition Small Worlds Tokyo is not only offering many detailed exhibits, but also other activities. Notice, that some of these haven’t started yet because of the COVID-19 situation.

One of the highlights is the workshop to become one of the miniature figures in the exhibition, however, it is quite pricy. Rather affordable is the backyard tour looking behind the scenes. They also have a souvenir shop, a lounge with drinks and a soon-opening restaurant.

Access and Admission

Small Worlds Tokyo is located at the Ariake area in Tokyo, close to Odaiba and Tokyo Big Sight. Using the train you can easily access it from Ariake-Tennis-no-mori station of Yurikamome line within three minutes walking or from Kokusai-Tenjijo station of Rinkai line in a 10-minutes walk. There are also busses leaving from major stations (Tokyo, Ginza, Haneda) stopping close to the exhibition.

One day admission passports cost 2.700 yen for adults, 1.900 yen for teenagers (aged 12 to 17) and 1.000 yen for children (aged 4 to 11). They can be purchased at the entrance gate, but might be limited if it is crowded. Beforehand you can buy tickets via the official website which is available in English.

When you are in Tokyo don’t miss to take a look inside Small Worlds Tokyo. The admission price is a bit high, but you can easily spend two hours and more inside looking at all the small details the miniature exhibition has to offer.

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