Writer: Ayako

When I was an undergraduate student, I spent my long spring and summer vacations traveling around the world. Also, I had opportunities of studying abroad in the USA and S. Korea. I'm now at a small publishing company in Tokyo working as an editor, writer and translator who creates tourism tools for foreign visitors to Japan.

Why You Should Experience a Hair Salon in Japan

Any kind of people—fashionistas and I-don't-care-about-fashion-types alike—probably need to go to a hair salon sometimes. But to all of you, I recommend, to go through a hair salon experience in Japan. In fact, Japanese hair salons are very different in their quality and service compared to other countries. Recently, I interviewed two hair stylists who are popular among foreign visitors to Japan. Here are some of their answers that will make you want to go to a hair salon at least once in Japan.

3 Things That You Should Know About Azaleas

Probably you must have noticed, that some colorful azaleas such as pink and white bloom beautifully on sidewalks in late spring in Japan. They become more visible as summer sets in and are a common sight. It is really nice that we can enjoy pink flowers on the street even after cherry blossoms wither away, isn't it? Here are some things to know about Azaleas in Japan.

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