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Lessons Learned from the Japanese

In Japan, etiquette is the main imperative, people slurp their noodles really loud, buying souvenirs for everyone is of extreme importance and being shy, not expressive, is the main behaviour. It is certainly a different culture that fascinates many people outside the country. So what can we learn by studying Japanese mannerisms?

A Traveller's Guide to Transportation in Japan

Japan has a transportation network that extends from the heights of its famed Shinkansen bullet trains down to bicycles. While the cost of traveling long distances can appear expensive at first, thrifty travelers can find a variety of discounts to make trips more affordable. Be sure to explore your options thoroughly to find what's best for your budget.

Pedal Your Way Around Furano

In Furano, bike riding is a fantastic way to explore and has a good value at 200 yen per hour. Because Furano has rich and delicious food at many attractions, bike riding is also a good way to sample local delights without adding to your waistline. In Japan, helmets are not compulsory for adults so if you prefer to wear one, bring it along.

Mukogawa : A Spot For All !

The Muko river in Hyogo prefecture finds its source all the way up in Himeji city. It falls from a mountain named Mt Shirakami in the Tamba highland range and travels all the way into Osaka bay and splits the cities of Itami and Takarazuka, doing the same to Nishinomiya and Amagasaki, along the way.

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