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5 English Cafes in Tokyo

A cup that cheers you up anytime of the day. Yes but this one comes with tables for different languages. You can have talk all that you want and meet all the wonderful people while you converse in English. Yes, this article will feature English cafes in Tokyo.

Leafcup Cafe

Leafcup English Cafe has branches in Tokyo (two locations), one in Yokohama and another in Osaka. Besides English coffee tables, they also provide coffee tables for French, Spanish and German languages. Coffee tables are moderated by chat hosts or hostesses who often are native speakers or very good at the target languages. The admission fee is ¥1000 for the first hour and discounted 20% from the second hour. The good point of Leafcup cafe is that they always arrange guests to be seated at appropriate tables, so you need not be concerned about your language levels. Foreigners with valid visas can apply for a part-time job as a chat host or a language teacher in this coffee shop as well.



Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Agebacho, 2-18 Burie Iidabashi 2F
The easiest way to reach there is by the Odeo line. You stop at Iidabashi station, turn left, walk for few seconds and you will see a Family mart. Leafcup cafe is on 2F of that building.

Flower English Café

Flower English cafe is a place where English speakers can talk and make friends with local Japanese people. Actually, it is not a business-oriented coffee shop. It operates as an English club with two main meeting sections organized on Fridays and Saturdays. Drinks or snacks are only served as an all-you-can-drink party. Of course, you can bring your own drinks or snacks there and feel free to talk to other attendants but you have to pay the admission fee of ¥2000 for foreigner males (free for female foreigners). Flower English Cafe is an ideal destination for tourists or foreigners who are new to Japan and would like to know more about Japanese culture.


Address: 2-26-6 Nishiikebukuro, Toshimaku, Tokyo
The shortest way to reach this English cafe is by the Saikyo line. You stop at Ikebukuro station and walk for about 2 minutes from the Metropolitan exit. For more details, please click on the link.

English Mickey House

This is one of the oldest and biggest English cafe in Tokyo. They can provide more than 15 tables of different languages such as English, Chinese, German, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, etc. There is also a Japanese table where foreigners can practice their Japanese skills with local Japanese volunteers. Customers are charged with the admission fee of ¥1900 (complementary drinks). Students are discounted 20%. This coffee shop is just like a casual international conference where customers can speak in their mother tongue language as well as feel free to practice their learning foreign languages. Due to a variety of languages, customers are expected to check the schedule thoroughly before visiting the shop.


Address: 2-14-4-4F, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
You can reach it after 10 second walking from the exit 6 at Takadanobaba station of Tokyo metro Tozai-line. It is located on the 4F of the building.

Norton Place English Cafe

Norton Place is an English cafe in Shibuya where guests can both enjoy drinks and talk to native English speakers. One of the rules is that guests cannot take note during conversations. They are encouraged to interact to other guests by speaking, not writing. Beginner guests have to pay an admission fee of ¥1000 per hour. Additionally, they provide guests with a lot of enjoyable activities such as international parties, thank god it's Friday, happy talking day, etc. Norton place opens six days a week and only closes on Tuesdays.


The closest station to Norton place is Ikejiri-Ohashi station of Den-En Toshi Line. You take the south exit and go straight till the traffic light (about 5 minute walking) Norton place is opposite to the Furuhata hospital.

Chappe Dinning

Actually, Chappe Dinning is a restaurant in Minato ward, Tokyo. Guests can enjoy their meals while chatting in English. They provide a variety of drinks and dishes (both western and Japanese styles) aiming at international tourists and local people. Tourists can visit the website for more information about the menu and alcohol list. Chappe dining also has a crew of English speaking navigators who can sit and talk to guests if required. Besides, there are many events such as English debate seminar, English cafe conversation, international parties, teaching or environmental volunteers, etc. the opening time is from 18:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 11:00 to 16:00 on weekends.


The closest station is Gaienmae station. You should take the 1a exit, go toward Shibuya direction. After being across the Gaienmae Street and turning left at the corner behind the Avex building, you can see it on the left (about 5 minute walking). You stop at Omotesando station (A4 exit) of Tokyo metro Ginza line or Hanzomon line, then go toward the Shinjuku direction. After turning left at Aoyama Street and at the corner before the Avex building, you can see it on the right (about 7 minute walking).

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