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Sea World in Chiba Prefecture: a Great Family Getaway by the Sea

Kamogawa Sea World is an aquarium cum large-scale center for marine life, located on the Pacific coast of southeastern Chiba Prefecture. It is a famous place for recreation especially for families living in the Kanto region of Japan.

You will be able to easily interact with many sea creatures while on a trip. There are many performances of whales, dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, and more. Tourists can participate in tours that let you feed sea lions, walruses or penguins and capture moments with them in photographs. I personally think that the most interesting family activity is the "Pelican Parade" program held twice a day. Tourists can walk with the flock of extremely cute pelicans while listening to the care-takers explaining their daily routine. I'm sure that none can hold their laughter while watching the pelicans waddle along. They possess indescribable cuteness. In addition, tourists can pay a specific fee for tours with the tour guides.



There are many comfortable restaurants and food courts inside Kamogawa Sea World where tourists can enjoy a delicious meal and watch the wondrous whales in Japan. Besides, there is an area designed as a long beach with white sand, a very interesting place for both old and young. The opening hours are from 9:00 to 16:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and other national holidays. The opening and closing hours change seasonally, so check prior to your visit.


How to reach Kamogawa Sea World

Kamogawa Sea World can be reached by car, express bus or JR line trains. It takes approximately 2 hours to get to the Sea World from Tokyo by a JR express train, with the minimum fare ranging from ¥2500 to ¥4000 for a one-way trip. If you go by express bus, it takes at least 3 hours and costs ¥2000 one way. Cars are the most appropriate means of transportation for a family with infants or children, although it may cost more than trains and buses. There are always free buses to pick up guests from Awakamogawa Station to the hotel.

Kamogawa Sea World is not only an aquarium but also a recreation area with restaurants, hotels and hot spring services where guests can enjoy not only delicious Japanese-style meals but also watch the fish swimming in big tanks. In summer, when the weather is good, this area remains open until midnight. Individuals over 20 years old can stay overnight on several Saturdays in June and July. You can bring sleeping bags so that you can lie down and observe the colourful fish swimming in the tanks.


Kamogawa Sea World Hotel

Kamogawa Sea World Hotel is a good choice for tourists because it is just a couple of minutes from Kamogawa Sea World on foot. If you take your family along, it is best to purchase a service combo of about ¥40,000 (on sale) including hotel rooms with complimentary lunch and dinner (buffet style) and a full-day family pass for shows in the Sea World.

Hotel rooms: There are 74 rooms in the hotel. All are tatami rooms equipped with air-conditioners, mini-fridges, LED TVs, telephone and a safety box. Bathrooms and toilets are a bit small but very clean.

Other services: Don't skip any opportunities to enjoy a nice swimming pool facing the sea which opens seasonally for hotel guests. Other recreational facilities include an entertainment room, a playground for kids, a souvenir shop and the information desk that has all news for local trips free of cost. Guests can easily visit local well-known siteseeing destinations using the hotel shuttle buses free-of-charge.

Restaurant: Staying in Kamogawa Seaworld Hotel, guests will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy Japanese-style buffet breakfasts and dinners with a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. This restaurant is very famous for its croissant recipes. We had to wait for 30 minutes in a long line to get three croissants. After eating these croissants, we understood why a big photo of croissants was put in front of the restaurant as an advertisement. All croissants were well-baked, scented, soft but still very crispy. They were extremely yummy and a personal recommendation. Additionally, sashimi and salad are other recommended dishes for a sumptuous dinner.

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