Writer: Micole Soh

An exchange student here in Tokyo for a total of two years, Micole is endlessly fascinated by Japan’s culture and ways. While she is still trying very hard to learn Japanese, that does not stop her from going out to explore and eat great Japanese food – a huge reason why she came to Japan!

Yusuhara: Kochi's Quaint Art Town

Yusuhara is a small town in Kochi located in between mountains and holds a population of less than 4000 people. It touts itself as the town above the clouds, and is also known for its eco-friendliness. What this amounts to is a friendly town where everyone seems to know and greet each other everywhere, a town that retires home before it gets dark, and a quiet and peaceful town, all in all providing for a quaint Japanese town experience that would likely surprise you.

Tokyo’s Very Own Snoopy Museum

If you grew up speaking English, it is very likely that reading the Peanuts comic strip was a staple in your childhood. Illustrated by Charles M Schulz, the Peanuts comic series has been called one of the greatest and most influential comic strips in history. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and friends are characters familiar to those who have read the comic strip. The Snoopy Museum, Tokyo is located in Roppongi!

Amazing Okinawan Beaches Accessible from Naha

Mention Okinawa, and thoughts of blue skies, clear waters, and sandy beaches are likely to come to mind. Indeed, known as the Hawaii of Japan, Okinawa is an ideal location for the perfect beach getaway and allows the water sport enthusiasts to try out activities like diving and snorkeling. A trip to Okinawa therefore would not be complete without visiting one of its beautiful beaches.

3 Japanese Baked Desserts Worth the Hype

Japanese desserts, and the art that goes into making them, are topics I can write endlessly on. Traditional Japanese desserts, otherwise known as wagashi (和菓子). No trip to Japan can be counted complete if you’ve not tasted wagashi. But then again, it’ll be hard to have a dessert that isn’t one! In this article, I’ll be introducing 3 baked desserts you can find in Japan that aren’t strictly wagashi, but are more of a Japanese-Western fusion.

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