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Making Udon Noodles is Child's Play

Sensei Awesome, which is the nickname we have given my daughter’s teacher, invited the parents to come for a day of udon noodle making at school. Kids and their parents were given the opportunity to make hand-made udon noodles and they were fabulous!

Udon and Takamatsu’s Yamada-ya

Sanuki udon is probably one of the most (if not the most) popular udon or wheat noodle in Japan. Hailing from Kagawa, the modern name of Sanuki , Sanuki udon is most well-known for its very firm and elastic, chewy texture or what the locals describe as “Koshi ga aru”.

Ready, Get Set... Udon!

It is hard to believe, but Japan does indeed have an Udon Prefecture. Located on the small island of shikoku, Kagawa is famously known as the “Udon-ken” for being very famous with these delicious thick wheat floured noodles.

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