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Visit a town reborn after 3.11 – Onagawa

A year-old station in the town of Onagawa in Miyagi prefecture may be a new mecca for young architects, who are eager to learn from the work by Shigeru Ban; a winner of Prtizker Architecture Prize in 2014. Onagawa had always been famous for its fisheries and the breathtaking views of the bay and that has not changed. Find out about the transformation of this town...

Mochigahama Beach

When I moved to Beppu, the first thing I was looking for was a sea-beach. Whenever I felt like walking with nature, I always preferred a beach. So, when I saw the Mochigahama beach, I was really amazed by its beauty.

Cape Zanpa in Yomitan, Okinawa

An amazing view, sharp and steep cliffs, deep blue waters and the horizon to gaze at. Cape Zanpa never disappoints in beauty and majesty. Cape Zanpa (often referred to as, Zampa) is located in the West of Okinawa Honto, in the village of Yomitan. The drive to Zanpa alone is worth the trip.

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