15 Things to Do in Ehime

Tucked away below Japan’s main island of Honshu, Shikoku Island is home to four prefectures, all known for being more rural and traditional. Being disconnected from the main island of Japan has its advantages though, the island is packed full of authentically Japanese spots to visit. Ehime is the most recognizable of Shikoku, with sights linking it to the famous studio Ghibli, and the Japanese royal family.

Amazing World of Towels Museum in Imabari

Imabari is proud of one product: the towel. At the Imabari Towel Museum, you can see how a towel is made, have your own bespoke towel made with your name embroidered on it, and see thousands of different kinds of towels on display. This device for washing and drying your body is taken very seriously here and will have you leaving with the impression that the towel is the tool of 1000 uses.

Reliving the Days of Matsuyama Castle

I have often visited Matsuyama in my free time, and the best thing about it would have to be the beautiful Matsuyama castle sitting upon Mount Katsuyama in the middle of the city center of Ehime prefecture. This castle was built continuously since 1603 and is one of the twelve original castles in Japan that were built before the Edo era and is still intact till today.

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