Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Cafe at Tokyo Skytree (Until November 20th!)

On November 1st the PPAP, or Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, Café opened on the fourth floor of Tokyo Skytree, and I, being no stranger to viral Internet comedy, was ready to go. The less than one minute long music video written by Japanese artist Pikotaro first went viral on Youtube with over eighty-two million views. The song became popular in Japan almost overnight and eventually made its impact all around the world, including taking its place as number 77 and the shortest song ever to make America’s Billboard Top 100 charts. *


The menu items, ranging from sweets such as pancakes and parfaits, to a savory avocado burger, to half of an actual pineapple filled with a tropical drink all containing three ingredients; apple, pineapple, and a “pen” sculpted out of milk chocolate. Every drink or meal purchase at the PPAP Café allows the customer to participate in a mystery lottery for one of seven custom PPAP coasters featuring stills from the music video and the name and location of the café as a souvenir. For those who need a little more PPAP in their life, the café is also selling merchandise such a t-shirts and keychains.


The atmosphere is made complete by large pictures of Pikotaro on the double doors framing the entrance to the café’s ordering counter, and by the catchy tune of PPAP itself playing on repeat for those who wait in line. Customers can take photos with the larger-than-life-size Pikotaros, preferably striking a pose from the video, or they can smile for a face-in-hole style Instagram frame where they pretend to be Pikotaro himself.


While many pop-up cafes in Japan require the purchase of tickets online, the PPAP Café does not require a ticket purchase and has no entry or table fees. However, if you go during a popular time such as during lunch hour, expect at least a small line’s worth of a wait. The café will stay open on the fourth floor of Tokyo Sky Tree until November 20th, lasting only as long as the bittersweet virality of the song itself. For any PPAP fan, this café is worth a laugh, and entertaining meal, and a souvenir to remember.


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