The All C’s Café in Koenji – A Café with an Alice In Wonderland Flair

Do you like cafés with a special flair? Do you like Alice in Wonderland, fluffy cushions and cute decorations? Then the All C’s Café in the Koenji area of Tokyo is perfect for you.

To go to the café just enter the shopping street on the left of the north entrance go left at the 7-11, turn right at the next corner and go straight. 

Photo by Yoshibay on Wikimedia Commons.

It might be a little difficult to find as the entrance looks like the entrance of a normal apartment. A small blackboard next to a staircase is the hint to find the entrance to the café on the second floor. I have visited the café several times on weekends and weekdays and I was always able to get a seat without waiting. 

The café has a very unique interior, consisting of several sofas and comfy chairs all decorated with lots of cushions and plush toys. When you enter the café, you have a feeling you entered a colorful wonderland. There are a lot of small elements throughout the café that somehow remind you of Alice in Wonderland, e.g. these small stairs leading to a small door that seems to be the gateway to somewhere mysterious. Everything is put together with attention to detail and the decoration is changed seasonally.

On the menu, you can find main dishes, a great variety of drinks and a lot of very cute desserts. One drink order is mandatory per person and English menus are available.

If you order a latte drink, it will come with very cute latte art. For main dishes, I can recommend the omurice (Japanese rice omelette). It is arranged to look like a lion. The prices are reasonable. All dishes and desserts are below 1,000 yen.

Cute latte art.
Omurice dish.

I personally really enjoy their seasonal desserts. They usually have a special dish for Valentine’s Day, a summer dessert, a Christmas dessert and many more throughout the year.

Unfortunately, they are not listed on the regular menu, but you can check their Instagram page to find out what is available at the moment.

Summer Parfait
Christmas dessert plate.

On these two pictures, you can see the summer parfait and a Christmas dessert plate from 2018. As these desserts tend to be quite big in volume you might want to either skip the main dish or share it with friends.

If you are planning a small party or want to celebrate a special event, they also offer different course menus. There usually is a seasonal menu and an Alice in Wonderland menu than can easily keep up with the official Alice in Wonderland restaurants in Tokyo.

The course menus are also quite big in volume so I would recommend going with a least 4 people. A course menu needs to be reserved in advance via phone.

After you had a nice time at the café you can also take home some souvenirs. The café is selling all kinds of really cute handmade frosting cookies in the cashier area. Make sure to have a look before you pay your bill.

Koenji Station can be reached via the Sobu and Chuo lines on weekdays and only via the Sobu line on weekends. It is open from 12:00 to 22:00.

It is situated close to the north exit of Koenji Station at the following address:

3 Chome-8-2524 Koenjikita, Suginami City, Tokyo 166-0002

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