Harajuku Sweets That Can't Be Beat

Harajuku, located in the heart of the shopping district of Shibuya, is known internationally for its extravagant outfits, and its great shopping. Since it has become an epicenter for young Japanese people and international travellers, many eateries have also started to sell different types of food on the streets of Harajuku.  While you are shopping and looking at the interesting clothes and souvenirs you can also find some great sweets to eat while you stroll.



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Japan is a great place to travel if you have a sweet tooth.  Various traditional Japanese desserts like taiyaki, kakidori and many others are very popular in Japan but Harajuku highlights more international desserts.  One of the most popular international desserts in Japan is the famous French pancake known as the crepe.  If you walk the streets of Harajuku, you are bound to see a crepe stand or crepe shop.  My favorite crepe shop in Harajuku is most definitely Marion’s Crepes.  With a variety of flavors and options Marion’s gives you a great crepe for an affordable price.  If you want a nice dessert while walking down the Harajuku main street, then you should try Marion’s Crepes and you will not be disappointed.   Marion’s Crepes in Harajuku is open from 10:30 in the morning to 8 at night.  And their affordable prices (¥300-500 per crepe) are sure to attract the money conscious sweets lover.


Kippy’s Coco Cream provides an interesting and different take on ice cream.  Kippy’s, a California based ice cream shop, delivers non-dairy ice cream in a variety of flavors.  Their ice creams are made with all natural ingredients and are made using coconut milk instead of dairy.  Kippy’s ice cream was the most refreshing and light ice cream that I have ever eaten.  It was a perfect dessert to have while traveling the hot and humid streets of Tokyo and I highly recommend it.  Kip’s Coco Cream is open from 11:30 in the morning to 7 at night and their ice creams are moderately priced at ¥400-600 per cup.  Kip’s is great for vegans, dairy lovers, and the lactose intolerant alike!


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Many people come to Harajuku searching for interesting and colorful outfits.  Well if you want to have a strange and interesting experience while eating your Japanese sweets then Kawaii Monster cafe is the perfect place.  Kawaii Monster cafe represents the vibrant and crazy style that is Harajuku.  With 4 different rooms to explore and delicious desserts Kawaii Monster cafe is a must try for people visiting the streets of Harajuku.  Kawaii Monster Cafe’s colorful dessert creations are delicious but can be a tad pricey (¥2000-4000 for larger desserts) but I think they are more then worth the price for the atmosphere that they provide.  The cafe opens from 6 PM to 10:30 PM so those looking for a late night snack and interesting visuals should check out the Kawaii Monster Cafe.


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Sweets and desserts are an integral part of Japanese culture.  In every konbini and main street you can see mochifuwa pancakes, or taiyaki being sold.  Harajuku is a great place to grab great desserts and also experience interesting fashion and culture that is hard to find.  If you are a traveler who loves desserts and intriguing atmosphere, then make sure you see Harajuku!


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