Writer: Hiro Ariga

Hi I am Hiro!

Originally born in Kagoshima but brought up in Sydney, Australia. 

I am currently back living in Japan with my husband and my little baby.

I am an internationally licensed kimono teacher.

I love to travel around Japan and have been fortunate enough to encounter many of the beautiful aspect of the country during the course. 

Although I am still in the midst of my adventure, I would like to share with you some of my findings here! I hope that the beauty of Japan can be penetrated from my articles even if its to a small extent!

Thank you very much for reading!

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Yumura Onsen

Sightseeing in Tajima, Hyogo – Yumura Onsen, Daijyoji Temple & Genbudo Park

The region of Tajima, which refers to northern Hyogo prefecture, offers a completely different face to that of southern Hyogo, which comprises of big city names such as Kobe where many skyscrapers and vivid colors of neon lights characterize the province. On the contrary, this part of Hyogo is full of nature, history and boasts of premium quality hot springs.

Untrodden Land of Eastern Yoshino – Great Tourism Spots and Native Hydrangea Hirtas Growing En Mass!

Yoshino, located in Southern Nara is home to many ancient histories and primitive vegetation of Japan. The well preserved historical assets and the unspoiled scenery of Yoshino reflect the fundamentals of Japan and it isn’t too exaggerated to state that it portrays the landscape of the heart of Japanese people.

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