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D. M. A. Mitchell is a qualified High School teacher who currently lives in Chiba, Japan and is enjoying teaching English to young children. In Japan he has lived in Chiba, Nagasaki, Saga and Kansai. He enjoys exploring and travelling, indulging in a variety of cultural activities, joining in on Japanese festivals, cooking, reading, painting, art, languages, listening to and making music and writing. He has had a selection of poems and short stories published. He lives with his wife and young son.

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Fukugawa Edo Museum: A Slice of the World That Was

Delving into a book, whether it be fictional of factual, and delving into a museum are very much two sides of the same coin for me. They both embody escapism from this plane of existence and both fire my mind by exposing it to new vistas. The human brain metabolises and catabolises knowledge in much the same way as the body absorbs the nutrients we consume. The challenge gifted to each if us when we encounter new stimuli are essential and without such lethargy and stagnation can plague each of us.

The Sanshin: The Beauty of Simplicity

Every culture has some form of music, exactly as every culture has both storytelling and myths. So fundamental are these forms of communication and shared experience that they underpin the whole society in which they are found. Indeed, it could easily be argued that both are intrinsically woven together into the very fabric of their mother civilisation. However, even though each typifies so much of the crucible in which they were born, both, especially music, have the power to transcend it.

Yoyogi Park's Zombie Walk

Every year in May they hold a free event at Yoyogi Koen (which means park in Japanese) situated near Harajuku. The premise is to have the hardcore group of members be joined by anyone who wishes to take part and slowly shuffle and lurch their way around the park for an hour or so.

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