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Mochigahama Beach

When I moved to Beppu, the first thing I was looking for was a sea-beach. Whenever I felt like walking with nature, I always preferred a beach. So, when I saw the Mochigahama beach, I was really amazed by its beauty. The beach is situated in the Mochigahama area just a minute away from the nearest Mc Donalds.


The beach area begins with a border line made of many trees that add a charm to the beach. There are benches beside the trees for viewers to enjoy the sight of the waves. People are often found seated on these benches enjoying the music of the waves and the sea-breeze. Next to the beach is a narrow road - a running track. Early morning fitness enthusiasts are found jogging along the narrow running track. Many joggers are found even in the late afternoon. Local children often play skating on the narrow stretch beside the beach.


The best view of the beach probably comes when you go near it. When you walk on the sand you will feel the vibes of the waves on your feet. You must walk bare foot to enjoy and feel the sands at its best. Since, the waves are not too strong, you can even swim at along the coast and rejuvenate yourself. During summer, the local authorities create a small pool for people on one side of the beach, so that they can swim without any risks.

The best view of the beach is in the morning and on a moonlit night. I often go to the beach on a full moon night to watch the mesmerising moon shimmering its light over the waters. When the moonlight falls over the water, it turns silver in colour while the moon light looks like pearls on the surface of the water. And if you watch this view at Mochigahama, I guarantee, it is like a million dollar view. Especially during summer, the wind and the cool waves ebbing at the shore, the calm and serene surroundings will definitely make you feel heavenly. Another better view is the one in the morning at sunrise.


The beach is really convenient as it is just a minute's walk from Mochigahama main road. Various restaurants like Mc Donald’s, Indian food restaurant - Yusha, Hotel Fujikan, etc are close to the area. Here you can grab a quick meal, especially when you are tired after a long walk.

People often play cricket and beach football at the beach. During weekends, I also play football  with my friends. It is a completely different experience. After the game, all exhausted and sweating, we often take a dip in the cool waters and enjoy the soothing feeling. Moreover, if you are looking for a picnic spot then Mochigahama sea beach might also be a good place for you to pay a visit.

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