Writer: Ellen Smyth

Ellen is from London. She has taught English in the UK, Hungary, Georgia, and currently Japan.

Tokyo Comedy Store

The Tokyo Comedy Store celebrates two main types of comedy in English: Improv and Stand-Up. The Improvazilla Show is held on the last Friday of every month at the Crocodile Live House in Shibuya.

How to Be Genki

When I think of the word genki (元気), two images spring to mind. First, the swimmers splashing around Zushi Beach one cold January morning, not a wetsuit in sight. Second, the man striding past me—shoeless—up Mount Fuji. Genki desu (元気です).

Mystery Solving – Tokyo Science Events

"There are still many unknown things in the cosmos. These large unknown issues cannot be solved by short-term research and many people have to get interested in those matters to solve them by taking a lot of time," he added,"I want young people to join such mystery solving."

Obubu Tea Farm

It's hard to escape tea in Japan. Take Ichiriki Chaya, a 300 year old Tea House in Kyoto which features as the setting for much of Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha.

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