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Merchandise for Everyone – Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station

Do you like Japanese franchises like Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Ghibli, Dragon Ball and Naruto? 

I know the perfect place where you can shop for goods from a wide variety of anime, manga and game related merchandise and much more – The Character Street at Tokyo station.

The Character Street is like the name says, a street filled with all kinds of character goods shops. It is situated in the basement of Tokyo station and therefore also a good place to visit when it’s raining

How To Get To Tokyo Character Street

Tokyo Station is reachable by most train and metro lines in Tokyo. You can enter the Character Street via the basement stairs at the Yaesu North Exit of the station. 

What Shops Can You Visit?

The character street has a wide variety of shops. You can find ones with cute character items like a Hello Kitty Shop, a Rilakkuma Shop and a Sumikko Gurashi Shop. There also is a Pokémon store but it is smaller than the Pokémon centers you can find in Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Nihonbashi. For Anime fans there is a JUMP Store that sells goods from most anime that are produced by JUMP and a Ghibli store. The character street also has shops that sell goods of foreign franchises like Moomin and Snoopy. On this website you can find a detailed list.

Besides the regular shops, you can also find limited shops that are only open for a few weeks that change regularly. There also is Gashapon Zone where you can find a nice selection of Gashapon but not as much as you would find in similar places in Shinjuku or Akihabara.

Events at the Tokyo Character Street

You can only meet this train station chief Pikachu at events at the Character Street.

The Character Street is not only nice for shopping. They also hold regular events where you can meet your favorite characters in real life and can take photos of and with them. This is a picture of the Character Street 10th anniversary event in 2018 where different characters posed together on a stage for visitors to take photos.

Sometimes they also hold lottery events where you can buy tickets for a set price and win goods from the shops in the Character Street. If you are lucky, you can win items that are worth a lot more than what you paid for the ticket.

Should I Visit The Tokyo Character Street?

The Character Street is perfect for people that want to buy goods from different franchises because all shops are situated close together. Also, you can enjoy special events that you cannot attend elsewhere. As it is situated in Tokyo station, a visit to the Character Street can be easily incorporated in your travel schedule. 

If you, however, are looking for certain items or a wide variety of items from a certain franchise you might want to check out other stores as the stores in the Character Street are quite small and only hold a small selection of items.

The address is B1F First Avenue Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

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