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Sydney Solis is an award-winning photographer, poet and artist. She has worked in The United States, Mexico and Ecuador for such newspapers and magazines as The News and Notimex in Mexico City, The Bakersfield Californian and Digital Video Magazine. She took 20 years off to raise two children, 15 of those as a young widow, in which time she created the award-winning pioneering programs and books Storytime Yoga and Mythic Yoga. She now lives in Osaka, Japan and has resumed her passion for travel photography and writing.

Experience the Meditative Effects of Traditional Japanese Arts with Makie Lacquer Painting in Kyoto

One such art is Maki-e, (蒔絵) a traditional Japanese lacquer painting. Maki means “sprinkling” and e means "picture". It is the most basic technique of a pattern of lacquerware making that is traditionally painted on plates, trays, mirrors, cups, boxes and other objects made from bamboo or wood, but also sometimes paper, leather or basket materials.

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