A Summer's Day in Zushi, Kanagawa

Summer – Always accompanied by the thoughts of heat and humidity

Japan, like all other countries, is no exception to the scorching heat and humidity summer brings.

A few rather popular activities here in Japan during summer are hiking, beach surfing and picnics.

I present a summer’s day in Zushi, Kanagawa, consisting of a relaxing and scenic hike at Mount Takatori (with different start and end points), finished off with a stroll in the beach.

Mount Takatori

Start off the day from Oppama station. Make your way through some shops and residential area towards Takatori Yama Climbing, (鷹取山公園) entrance. From Oppama Station, head towards Ryoshin-ji Entrance and make a right turn, crossing the train tracks towards the residential area. Unfortunately, there are no signboards available towards 鷹取山公園(Takatori Yama Climbing point), therefore Google Maps is your best guide. Simply, key in the location of "Takatori Yama Climbing" and follow the route provided.

The initial path is mainly flat lands and steps. A simple start before it gets tough. The view of the city is within sight.

Shortly after, you will arrive at Takatori Park where rock climbing usually takes place. If you would like to try your hands at rock climbing, feel free to bring your own equipment as the mountains are only equipped with foot placements.

Breathe in the summer air from the observation deck nearby.

Have a picnic here while soaking up all that Vitamin D.

Continue onwards towards the other direction from where you came from towards Jinmu-ji.

Be wary as the path downwards is rather tricky and can be slippery (overwhelming for some). Please exercise caution going downhill.

Throughout the hike, the view of the mountain terrain surrounded by telecommunication towers, somehow brings forth a surreal feeling.

Stop by and wonder at the beauty of nature at the temple before ending your hike.

Not before long, the hike comes to an end. The walk back from Jinmu-ji towards Jimmu-ji Station also goes through a residential area. A homey countryside feeling brings warmth to the legs during these long walks. 

Stop by the convenience store to freshen up and replenish on drinks before boarding the train towards Zushi station. Pack one or two snacks for the relaxing down time you are about to have at the beach.

Zushi Beach

Photo by Tadashi Okoshi on Wikimedia Commons.

From Zushi station, make your way towards Zushi Beach.

The summer festive vibes are felt throughout the streets as you make your way. Laughter to be heard from afar. Surfers with their surfing boards and children in their swim wear and floats walking around in the streets.

Somehow, being close to Zushi Beach makes one feel like they are in a different part of Japan altogether. 

Rewind and relax at the beach while soaking in vitamin sea. Watch and listen to the waves as you drift into a power nap. Why not go for a surf if you are up for it?

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