Writer: Sylvester Pilgrim

Sylvester Pilgrim is a long term resident of Canada who now lives in Osaka, Japan.  He has won prizes for writing and has been published online as well as in print for both poetry and short story fiction. His first full length publication entitled “Peripheral: Tales of Horror At A Glance is scheduled to be released in August of 2015. In addition to writing, he also enjoys photographer and has performed in community theatre with a brief appearance and voice over role in a short film. Follow him on twitter :




A Trip to Minoh Falls

Located just north of Osaka city is picturesque Minoh. It is a beautiful little area with friendly people, the famous Minoh Monkeys, and Momiji—which is deep fried dried Japanese maple leaves. That is not all that this little piece of paradise has to offer however, for nestled within the foliage-filled hills that skirt the town you will find Minoh Falls.

Hanami at the Castle

Spring is in the air and it’s a wonderful time to be in Japan. Although the winter had been very mild and timid, it’s still enjoyable to welcome the warmer weather. This season however does not only herald a rise in the temperature, it also announces the arrival of new blooms, this one in particular is the plum blossom.

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