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Jelena is a writer and PhD student of English Literature who currently lives in Japan. In her free time she likes to drive around Japan and explore its music, culture and delicious food!

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At the Top of Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is easily one of the most recognizable buildings in Tokyo, and one which attracts thousands of tourists each month. It is absolutely worth a visit! The view is magnificent, the souvenirs are great fun, and all of that is available at very reasonable prices.

Dine in the Woods in Sanzoku, Iwakuni

Easily the most beautiful restaurant that I have visited in Japan so far is the Sanzoku restaurant in Iwakuni. The entire complex is owned by a family who bought it many years ago, and who turned the surrounding forest into a restaurant, a small temple, and the most delicious BBQ chicken that you can lay your hands on.

Kikugahama Beach, Hagi

With the rainy season predicted to be over by the end of July, it’s time to start looking for a great beach in your area where you can relax and go for a swim. If you are in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, then Hagi’s Kikugahama Beach is definitely not something that you should miss!

Japanese Lessons at Yamaguchi University

Living in Japan is a wonderful and very exciting experience. Japan is such a different world and a bit of a culture shock for new arrivals, but its history, tradition, festivals and wonderful food will soon make you a very happy resident! However, what foreigners also quickly realize is that English is not a frequently spoken language in Japan, which means that you are likely to face a few obstacles if you do not speak any Japanese.

Hard Rock Cafe in Fukuoka

If you’re in the mood for rock and delicious food, then Fukuoka’s Hard Rock Cafe is a must-visit place! It has everything that you would expect a Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world to have: memorabilia from famous artists, a subtle ambient, delicious food and many live events throughout the year, usually from local and indie artists.

The Shiosai Hofu Fish Market

Japan is renowned for its fish markets, with almost every city having some kind of delicious fishy place to offer its citizens.However, it is understandable that the cities located right on the sea shore would have bigger and more developed fish markets than those that are located in the center of the country.

Tokiwa Park in Ube City

Ube city offers an exceptionally beautiful park full of flowers, animals, a small temple and the Christmas Tokiwa Park Fantasia display! As you drive through this small city you don’t get a sense of there being such an enormous park right on the edge of it, but it is a majestic place indeed!

Jigoku Meguri : The Hell Tour

The Jigoku (Hell Springs) in Beppu, Oita are a stunning natural wonder of hot springs that reach temperatures of up to 98 degrees Celsius and are of different colours and consistencies. I recently had the pleasure of visiting these wonderful springs, and although I initially had no idea what I was in for, the tour turned out to be absolutely amazing!

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