A Stroll on Tonomi Beach

Hofu’s Tonomi Beach is certainly not one of the most famous beaches in Japan, but it is nevertheless one that serves as a great relaxation spot during the hot summer days.

Perhaps not as crowded or as adventurous as some of the other beaches available in the region, Tonomi Beach is one that serves those who wish to get away from a stressful day and enjoy the sunshine in a very natural environment.


The beach line is 527 meters long, and although it has plenty of sand, it also includes huge concrete steps for people to rest on. They may not be as comfortable as the sand, but they are a great way to enjoy the view of the sea without it being obstructed by a crowded beach.

Accessing the beach isn’t the easiest of feats to be honest, because you will have to drive through a small number of very tight Japanese streets, but the parking is free and has plenty of space for everyone. There are two toilets located very close to the parking spot, and each of them had vending machines with what I remember to be only cold drinks on offer. On the left side of the beach there are two restaurants where you can enjoy a meal if you get hungry, at very affordable prices.


The beach mostly caters to families and older people, but you are likely to see a few high school students from the nearby area coming down for a swim as well. The beach is mostly sand, but once you enter the water you will notice that the bottom is covered by very small rocks. They are very easy to walk over and do not cause any problems. This area is generally very safe for swimming, but you should of course keep in mind that the jelly fish season in August affects this area as well, so if you notice that warning signs have been put up as to how far you are allowed to swim, please make sure that you follow them as advised.


Tonomi is pretty secluded for a beach, so you are likely to find some lovely treasures on it in the shape of interesting sea shells, and of course a few crabs that will look a little irritated because you have interrupted their daily routine.


It is a beach that is full of sea life, but not one that has trees or grass. So if you are arriving for the whole day, either bring your own beach umbrella, or stay away from the hottest times of the Sun in the local restaurant, as there is not likely to be any shade to hide underneath.


Address: Hofu-shi, Tonomi Beach, Yamaguchi prefecture

For inquiries call: 0835-34-0166

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