At the Top of Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is easily one of the most recognizable buildings in Tokyo, and one which attracts thousands of tourists each month. It is absolutely worth a visit! The view is magnificent, the souvenirs are great fun, and all of that is available at very reasonable prices.


There will always be a line in front of the tower, so you can certainly expect to wait for your turn before you enter. However, if you can make it in the morning hours of a work day, you will definitely be waiting in line much shorter than usual. My particular wait was about 120 minutes in total, before we entered the elevator to reach the first floor, and that was during Golden Week, which is one of the biggest holidays in Japan.


While you wait your turn outside, you can buy drinks, ice cream or delicious pancakes to make your wait a little more enjoyable. Once inside, you will quickly notice that there are some amazing souvenir shops that will be waiting for you when you come back out. There are different themes to these shops throughout the year, but you can always expect them to be based on Tokyo Tower, a popular anime, or a popular drama or event at the time. In either case, the decorations will be amazing.



The first level of the observatory is 150 meters, and it is quite the sight. It is high enough to get some fantastic photography and to get a very nice view of Tokyo. Additionally, the first level holds some very interesting souvenir shops and is also very broad and easy to walk around on. It shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to explore this floor, although you are not restricted for time at all. Now the next floor is the one that is really cool.


The next elevator will take you up to a height of 250 meters, and is absolutely breathtaking. If you can possibly pick a clear day, you will be able to see the endless distance of the city of Tokyo and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. If it is an especially clear day, you may even be able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance! This level is a lot smaller than the 150 meter one, and you will have to wait about half an hour or more to get into the elevator for this one because of the lack of space. Get your camera ready for this! The second elevator has clear glass on all sides and it is a wonderful chance to make video footage of your journey up.



The Tokyo Tower is a great sightseeing trip for a very affordable price. The tower is open from 9 am until 11 pm, with last admissions being 10:30 pm. The ticket price for both observatories is 1,600 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for children, although you can also pay smaller fees to only go up to 150 meters if you like.


If you are in Tokyo, do not miss this trip because it really is unforgettable.

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