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The Four Best Live Houses in Osaka

The 4 Best Live Houses in Osaka

Osaka has a rich and deep underground music scene ranging from electronica, to glitch, to hardcore punk, to metal, and everything in between. Additionally, many foreign acts who are touring Japan will make at least one stop in Osaka and have support from the local acts. A result of all of this is that Osaka is home to plenty of live houses and concert halls, big and small.

Welcome to All: Kitara Music Hall in Sapporo

Japan is an East Asian country that has their unique tradition and lifestyle. Coming to Japan from a Western country might make you think you will not see a lot of western influence here. If you love classical music and used to watch performances back home, worry not. In Sapporo you can enjoy watching live classic music regularly being held in Sapporo “Kitara” Concert Hall. It is located in the Chuo ward area of Sapporo, in the famous Nakajima Park.

An Evening at Tokyo's Suntory Hall

From its innovative design to its unwavering focus on delivering to its patrons the ultimate in classical performance, Suntory Hall surely should be considered alongside other great, although perhaps better known venues such as Carnegie Hall. For classical performers, whether Japanese or touring from outside Japan, Suntory Hall is “THE” place to be seen performing at in Japan. It is a well know cliché amongst classical artists to speak of one’s “Suntory Hall Debut” carrying with it the same cache as a concert debut in other major world classical music capitols.

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