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Unique Vending Machines in Japan

Japan has 5.52 million of vending machines. You can find vending machines really easily in Japan. It can assure that you do not need to worry where to buy some drinks when you go out because, maybe you can find one vending machine for every one meter in Japan. Surprisingly, Japan has other kinds of vending machines that you cannot imagine. So, in this article, I want to tell you about these unique vending machines.

Apples Vending Machine


Talking about “Apple”, which one do you think? Do you think about the fruit or the iPhone, iPod etc.? In Japan, they have apple (fruit) vending machines. You can find this vending machine at Kasumigaseki Station, which is close to exits B1 and B3. Feeling a little bit hungry and want to eat an apple? Why not?

Bananas Vending Machine

Do you prefer bananas than apples? Don’t worry, because Japan has a banana vending machine too ! Why ? It is because banana is the most convenient fruit, that you can eat it quickly and it is really easy to peel it. The first banana vending machine was produced by Dole Japan. You can buy it for 130 yen each, and 390 yen for a bunch. You can find this vending machine at Shibuya Station, by exit number 3 on the first basement floor.

Cup Noodles Vending Machine

Do you the most popular cup noodles’ brand in Japan? I can assure you that this brand is really delicious and well known not only by Japanese, but by foreigners too. It is Nissin. No wonder that Nissin has made the Nissin cup noodles’ vending machine too. Unfortunately the price from the vending machine is more expensive than the normal price when you buy it from supermarket.

Taiyaki Vending Machine


If you love these delicious Japanese street snacks called “Taiyaki”, you can easily buy it from any festival held in Japan. Taiyaki is a sweet bean paste filled in the fish shaped cake. Fortunately, you can also get it from one of the vending machines in Japan at JR Shimbashi Station, by the Ginza Exit, in front of Tenkano Teriyaki Shop beneath the railway line. You can buy the hot one or the cold one there with different prices. Taiyaki is one of my favorite Japanese street snack in Japan. I recommend you to try it.

T-Shirts Vending Machine

I think all of you must know about Uniqlo, the most well known T-shirts’ company not only in Japan, but also in other countries. Surprisingly, in Japan you can buy a shirt from a vending machine located in Harajuku.

At Last

These are a few interesting vending machines I found in Japan. Maybe some of you do not care about this kind of vending machines, but I can assure you that your life will become easier with the existence of vending machines in Japan.

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