Writer: Rachel Elliott

My partner and I sold up and left England October 2012 with a backpack each and not much else other than a notion to see some of the world. After getting caught in South East Asia for nearly two years I eventually found Japan and after travelling around here for 6 weeks was completely captivated. So I left and came back 3 months later to a job teaching English part time, giving me time to explore and attempt to learn Japanese.
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The Oh So Discreet Love Hotels of Japan

You can’t miss a Love Hotel. They usually look like something from Disney with gaudy designs and names that may have a double entendre.If you are driving and do actually want to be discreet for that afternoon tryst, the car parks are always tucked away and I have even seen registration plates covered over in some. Don't be shy, just go in and have a look.

Emergency Services... Don’t Panic!

A cautionary tale of when that one thing you hope never happens, happens! After an exciting day picking up our car (that's another story of trials and tribulations but one worth doing) I drop off my husband, Chris, to ride his bike home from the station.

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