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Living in Japan has opened my world in more ways than one, and taught me life lessons I would never have learned in the comforts of familiar shores. So I carry on spreading my wings, going the extra mile, crossing borders, building bridges and blowing love bubbles wherever my foreign legs bring me in pursuit of that which is Beautiful and Life-giving.

Bright red Kochia plants at Hitachi Seaside Park in autumn - Fireballs photo by Reginald Pentinio

Hitachi Seaside Park: Harmonizing Nature and Culture

Japan is famed for its beautiful parks and gardens. Many cultural events are held in these parks. They are probably the most frequented places across the country the whole year round. Japanese culture expresses a characteristic aesthetics and sense of harmony that are deeply rooted in nature.

Fire and Rescue Museum: Fun Educational Tour

A visit to this museum may seem serious. But trust me, it can be likened to a day at Disneyland, especially for firefighter wannabe kiddos. There is fun to be had in areas with interactive and hands-on experiences. Many of the exhibits have English translations which is nice.

The Museum of Banknotes and Postage Stamps

Designated as a National Cultural Property, the National Printing Bureau Banknotes and Postage Stamp Museum in Oji is one of the many interesting and informative museums in Tokyo with free admission. Most of the exhibit titles have corresponding English translations but all the information provided, including that on brochures, are only in Japanese.

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