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Money Saving Tips at Starbucks and Tully's

Two of the biggest coffee shops in Japan: Starbucks and Tully’s both offer discounted menu items if you pay attention and save your original receipts. Here are some great tips if you are an avid coffee drinker travelling around Japan.

Starbucks — One extra cup


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If you buy one cup of drip coffee (hot or iced) at Starbucks Coffee, you’ll be able to buy a second cup (of the first original size you bought) for just ¥100 (plus tax) upon showing the receipt for your previous cup. The discount is valid in any other Starbucks Coffee shop in Japan as long as it is used on the same day. Let’s say you are at the airport in the morning and you satisfy your coffee thirst, you can then buy your second discounted cup in the next city as long as it’s on the same day. Massive savings can be done as the “one extra cup” discount has a set price of ¥100 + tax regardless of the size you choose. This means that if you buy a short sized coffee, your next one will be a short sized cup for ¥100 + tax, but if you previously bought the biggest size, your next purchase would still be at ¥100 + tax. Remember your receipt as this is not an offer you want to miss out on.


Additional money can be saved at Starbucks Coffee, as the chain also gives a ¥20 discount if you bring your own tumbler (drinking cup). If you don’t have a tumbler but would like to buy one in store, the tumbler actually comes with a tall size beverage gift card. Not bad! Every major Japanese city has its own Starbucks city tumbler for sale, so this is a great deal if you want to get your own personal souvenir and a free drink at the same time.


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Tully’s has a similar discount program as Starbucks — The "One More” offer. This lets you buy your second cup of coffee for ¥150 of the previous size, but the discount is only valid in the same shop your had your first cup, and on the same day. Where Starbucks Coffee is more lenient in where you can use your discount, Tully’s wants your purchase to be at the same place. Remember your receipt!

Just as Starbucks, Tully’s also sells tumblers in their shops. Buying one also comes with a free drink gift voucher. If you bring your own, a slightly lower discount than Starbucks, a ¥10 discount will be given. Bringing your own tumbler is also good for the environment, and it will soon add up to lots of yens saved.


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Additional money saving tips

If you are a frequent drinker at Starbucks Coffee and Tully’s in Japan, you should consider signing up for their newsletters, downloading their apps and paying attention to their holiday campaigns where you’ll be able to save money, get free or 2-for-1 discounted drinks. If you are a frequent drinker getting a prepaid card might also be beneficial.
Tully’s prepaid card offers a 10¥ discount on every purchase, whilst Starbucks Coffee will give you a “Holiday Share Ticket” (2-for-1 coupon) every time you charge your prepaid card for 5000¥ during the Christmas season.


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