Amazing World of Towels Museum in Imabari

Crossing the sea that separates the main island of Japan, Honshu and Shikoku, you will find many bridges with different styles of architecture. I crossed the great Seto Bridge and entered the Ehime prefecture.

You would never have expected there is a really great museum beyond the bridge. Once you get into a city called Imabari, you will see the sign of Towel Museum.  Another unexpected museum, right?  Yes, Imabari is famous for one product in particular, the towel. They are so proud of their towels, they make a museum for that.  The museum is located about 30 minutes after you entered the Ehime prefecture from the Seto Bridge. Or you can go here by JR Yosan Line and take another 25 minutes ride from Imabari station.

The old, authentic and great building of the museum will surprise you at first. It looks like a European architecture or a luxurious hotel than a museum. You can see a beautiful garden surrounding the building and a peaceful neighbourhood village.


The entrance fee of the museum is 800 yen for adults, 600 yen for junior high and high school students, and 400 yen for elementary school students. You will get the ticket and also a little towel handkerchief, the product of Imabari. The museum itself is a 5 floor building. You can see the museum shop at the 1st and 2nd floor, and start your museum tour from 3rd floor to the rest.

Imabari Towel Museum has a changing concept each season. They are changing their themes different to suit each season. You will find the theme of aquarium and underwater life in your visit, and may find other themes in another 3 months visit.


At the beginning of the tour, you can see the process of how to make the towel. Beside that, you can also see the gallery of the towel that has so many beautiful pattern hanging on the wall in a frame. They also made a sculpture from the towels.


They also exhibit the art of the artist with the art also used in the pattern for the towels.  On the 4th floor you can also see the Towel Museum original collection. And you will see how much thread with different colors that they use to make a towel.

Hungry after strolling around?  This museum also have a garden café.  They provide a really good and tasty cuisine.  You can also enjoy the scenery of a huge European style garden outside the restaurant. There is a little bell in the middle of the garden that always ring at 12 o’clock.


Don’t forget to buy souvenirs here.  Visitors can buy high quality towels in different shapes with reasonable prices and you can have your name embroidered in your towel. They also have character towels that are sold here, such as Moomin, Snoopy, etc.


Here are the address of the museum : 2930, Oaza Asakura-kamikou, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture 799-1607

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