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Spa World, Osaka

With every step I took during the ascent, I could feel wisps of water.

Spa world 1

From where it came, I am still unsure. What I do know, is that I was bubbling with excitement when I saw the sign Spa World, and the pictures showcasing what it had to offer inside.

Spa World is an onsen themed park, with an Asian themed zone and a European themed zone. Women have access to the European themed zone, during odd months and the Asian themed zone during even months. For men, the opposite is true.

European Zone

European Zone

Asian Zone

Asian Zone

I opened the doors in anticipation of the European themed hot-springs I would get to try.

The first thing I noticed was a hotel entrance, a front desk and ticket machines. The ticket machine was easy to navigate and I quickly got my ticket. There are two tickets: one is an all-day pass (2700 yen) and the other is valid for three hours (2400 yen). I opted for a three hours ticket. After purchasing my ticket, I was given a bracelet and an information booklet at the front desk.

SW 4

This bracelet was to act as a credit card, while I was inside. This was so that I could purchase additional services without having to walk with my wallet.

After checking in, I headed to the shoes locker room.

SW 5

A deposit is required to store your shoes in the locker, however, once the key is returned- so is the money.

I then quickly made my way to the elevators, leading to the 4th floor – European Zone.



SW 7

On the 4th floor was signs indicating, it was a women only section. I went inside and stripped to my bare averagely flawed bod. I placed my belongings inside a locker, which also required a deposit, and made my way to the washing area.

SW 8

At the washing area, I found out that toiletries were provided free of charge. I knew that before I could enjoy soaking my stress away in the onsen, I had to adhere to the rules of etiquette. This included: washing my body thoroughly before water immersion and pinning up my hair.

I decided to enjoy a Jacuzzi style Roman mineral bath first. Afterwards I enjoyed a salt bath, a milk and honey bath, an herbal bath, an outside waterfall, and more. All had a European theme, which was beautiful to admire while relaxing.

After an hour and a half of soaking, I took a break to get something to drink. I then grabbed an icicle from an ice-cream machine. After rehydrating, I decided to get a half-hour full-body massage, at Smile Hand.

SW 9

Afterwards, I decided to explore and see what else Spa World had to offer. I found a section dedicated to bathing in heat and steam. The saunas in this area aimed to represent the sauna culture of Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Austria, Korea, Russia, Iceland and Canada.

There was also a swimming area with waterslides.

SW 10

There’s a play area for children called Kiddy Park.

SW 11

There’s a gym.

SW 12

Also, there’s a gift-shop.

SW 13

After exploring the surrounding areas. I decided to have a bite to eat at the food court.

SW 14

SW 15

Afterwards, I decided to head home. At the exit, there were machines where the bracelet was to be inserted. The machine then calculated the purchases made with the bracelet and informed me of the amount of money due. I paid the outstanding balance, grabbed my shoes and left feeling extremely relaxed.

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