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Nagoya Nightlife – Let’s Drink or Not! Let’s Socialize!

Let's face it. It gets lonely. Especially if you're single, and a foreigner living alone in Japan. The need for social companionship is so strong, that there are well known spots you can go to socialize with foreigners from every nook and cranny worldwide.

One of my favourite places in Nagoya is Sakae. Here social butterflies can enjoy spreading their wings. Here are some places you can check out in Sakae.

Disclosure: This list is not in any order. It does not reflect what I consider to be the best nor does it reflect a preference. It does, however, reflect where I have been as a result of suggestions from other foreigners living in Nagoya.


A fitting name considering it’s a prime spot for drinking socialization. As a non-drinker, I’ve gone mainly for interaction purposes and have made quite a few acquaintances whose favourite drinks ranged from any beer to Jagerbombs. I’ve learnt an Australian drinking song ‘There goes Tom he’s true blue….’ I’ve been a part of lively debates, ranging from ‘Genital size varies by culture,’ to ‘How men chew.’ Due to the atmosphere, men to women ratio, I have never gone alone. I always have someone to help me deflect unwanted male attention.

For more information see their website. For details on the Sakae Nishiki-dori location, they have a webpage in Japanese.


If you’re a man looking for a lady or just a lady looking for fun, head over to Shooters on a Wednesday night. Why? It’s Ladies Night! Ladies pay 1500 yen and get all you can drink for 2 hours. Again no problem if you’re a non-drinker like me. You can opt for non-alcoholic drinks. They also sell wicked burritos, got a pool table and jamming beats. Not to mention, a bunch of televisions tuned in to the latest sports games.

For more information see their website.


It’s all you can eat and drink for 2,700 yen any time after 9 p.m. This is gourmet buffet style food including international dishes. The chef rings a bell on the hour signalling freshly grilled, roasted, baked, or sautéed meat. My personal favourite is the freshly roasted beef. Drinkers have unlimited access to bottles of champagne, bottles of wine and requested mixed drinks. Non- drinkers have unlimited access to bottles of juice, and requested Virgin drinks, Smoothies and Mixed Juice.

Otto ranks low in the meeting new people aspect as everyone is wrapped up in their own groups. However, it’s a great place to start solidifying friendships made elsewhere. Spending time with unlimited food for 3 hours, and acquaintances can quickly turn those possibilities into friendships.

For more information see their website.

Joy Joy

The maximum I’ve ever paid for 3 hours is 1,500 yen. The more people you go with is the less, you pay. The less time you spend, is the less you pay. Once you pay, regardless of how long you stay, you get unlimited access to the drink bar. For non-drinkers, this includes juice. Welcome to Karaoke at Joy Joy. It may not be the best place to meet new people but it’s a great place to spend time with those you’ve met. I've found that the crazier the songs is the better the fun. Why not let loose? Sing some funky old tunes, jump, dance and rock to the beat and have a karaoke blast! My personal party starter favourites are ‘’Footloose", "Barbie Girl", "Hey Mickey!", and "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton).

For more information see their website (in Japanese).

So if you feel lonely or just want to meet new people. Head over to Sakae, shake off the loneliness, and meet new people. Have Fun!

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