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A Nostalgic Visit to an Old Home: Return to Okayama

The overall ambience of Okayama City seems to have become decidedly more cosmopolitan since I lived there. And this is absolutely a positive step forward for the city. As one of the perceived “less interesting” prefectures in Japan for foreign tourists, there was plenty of evidence on show of a clear and concerted effort by the City of Okayama to engage with tourists and found out what attracts them to the area.

Mapping Japan, The Convenient Way

This series is more of acquainting the newbies and first-time visitors on the conveniences available that is currently in effect with the Japanese transportation system with which even the most OCs of persons would marvel at. Read on and enjoy your stay in Japan!

Home Sweet Home: How to Rent the Perfect Place in Japan

To the uninitiated, Japan’s rental property market can seem like a never-ending spiral of confusion, frustration and disappointment. It doesn’t have to be that way however, and with a little bit of knowledge and some ingenuity, finding a good place to live during your extended stay here can actually be pretty straightforward.

How to Teach English in Japan

Teaching abroad is a fantastic experience that looks great on your resume and gives you the opportunity to get paid to travel. In most cases, learning the native language of the country isn't a necessity, and job contracts can be from a few months to a few years long.

Moving subway train at Tokyo Metro station

A Guide to Tokyo's Subway System

This article describes Tokyo's underground subway system further, including how the system works, how to navigate around using a map, and how to buy a ticket, all without having to speak any Japanese.

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