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3 Best Flower Fields to Visit in Spring

Do you think Sakura is the only flower that you can enjoy in spring in Japan? Of course not. In fact, you can enjoy various colorful flowers around Japan. In this article, I will introduce some special flower fields in Tokyo or those that are easily accessible from Tokyo.

A Thousand Tulips Bloom Colorfully


Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa (Tokyo) is as large as about 39 Tokyo Domes. In spring, you can see colorful flowers such as tulips and cosmos. The park is so large that you don't have to worry about reserving a picnic place. You can relax and make your holiday amazing in this park. Yellow gingko trees near the entrance were also very attractive when I visited there in autumn.


This park is also recommended for sports lovers. I saw many children and their parents playing frisbee in the open area at the park. There are also some sports facilities such as a swimming pool and a soccer park. Why don't you try an exercise session after enjoying the flower viewing? I am sure it will be rejuvenating.

A Great Pink Carpet You've Never Seen Before


The Chichibu area, located in the North Western part of Saitama prefecture is about 90 minutes from the Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo. In the Hitsujiyama Park (literally meaning - sheep mountain park), you can see a pink carpet of Shibazakura (moss phlox) with Mt. Hitsujiyama in the background. Shibazakura has many different hues such as pink and white. The colorful gradation makes a scenic  Shibazakura carpet that you've probably never seen before.


Inside the park, you can find food stalls too. I tried some local Chichibu food called Miso potato (potato topped with soybean paste). Isn't it nice that you can enjoy flowers and local food at the same place?

Thousand Words Aren't Worth Enough To Express Its Beauty

Lastly, my personal recommendation is, the Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Hitachi seaside park). You can go there by train from Ueno Station in about 90 minutes . After you arrive, go straight to the Nemophila area. Under the blue sky, you can see the amazing blue Nemophila field. Before I went to the park, I checked about this park on the internet and saw some photos of Nemophila field. They all looked so beautiful that I believed they were fake. But witnessing it with my own eyes was beyond my expectation, it was truly amazing and fantastic.


Excitement comes not only from the flowers but also from a roller coaster. Yes, this park is equipped with some delightful entertainment facilities. I saw people shouting on the roller coaster but decided not to ride it. Instead, I got on a Ferris wheel and played miniature golf in a small golf course.

Are you afraid that after the cherry blossoms end their peak viewing phase, there will be nothing to see anymore in spring in Japan? Don't worry. The colorful flowers still make your days of spring wonderful. These flower parks that I mentioned above are recommended for groups of friends, couples and families. Why don't you spend your holidays with your special someone at these parks?

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