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Get Your Nails Done in Tokyo in this Luxurious Salon in Ebisu

Tokyo is a fashionable city; many of its citizens pride themselves on keeping up with the latest fashions, always looking neat and tidy, and enjoying sprucing up their look with dyed hair, make up, and nail art. Aside from the usual nail polish you can buy in stores, a popular technique to keep nails looking prettier for longer is locally called ‘gel nail.’

Why You Should Experience a Hair Salon in Japan

Any kind of people—fashionistas and I-don't-care-about-fashion-types alike—probably need to go to a hair salon sometimes. But to all of you, I recommend, to go through a hair salon experience in Japan. In fact, Japanese hair salons are very different in their quality and service compared to other countries. Recently, I interviewed two hair stylists who are popular among foreign visitors to Japan. Here are some of their answers that will make you want to go to a hair salon at least once in Japan.

Hair Salons in Japan: Don’t Get Tired!

Opinions about the hair salons in Japan are contradicting. Some love them. Some hate. That would of course be all different on the type of hair, style, salons, stylists and many more. So I decided to write this article that might help someone with desires/plans to get a hair cut and etc while in Japan.

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